Download Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking 2.43.26-130 free on android

Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking
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Google fit-is an entertaining sports program that is sure to interest people involved in sports, leading a healthy lifestyle. With the help of a great utility Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking users will be able to control the level of their own physical activity.

Take and download this wonderful software on your portable Android device and never forget to take it to training. This unique program will allow users to find out how much they were able to walk and ride a bike meters or kilometers. In addition, Google Fit often gives advice based on your activity.

The utility can function simultaneously with modern smart watches. Depending on what sports activity users are actively engaged in will be painted circle line. For example, the passage of a certain distance on foot - pink, running-red, and road riding will be shown in blue, all of the above actions, the software analyzes and switches them automatically.

Program Features:

  • Excellent pedometer, the ability to count the distance traveled when riding on any form of transport;
  • The ability to count the number of calories burned;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.