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Bomber Friends
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  • 28-12-2023, 09:26
  • 4.95
  • Action
  • Android 5.0
  • Hyperkani
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Bomber Friends - arcade action game with multiplayer and a huge variety of bright locations. Players will have to move through colorful levels, place bombs and blow up everyone who gets in their way. Each match takes place on randomly selected maps, where up to 4 players take part. To complete the level or win the battle in real time-you need to blow up all the opponents. To do this, each player will have bombs that can be placed in any part of the level. Be careful not to fall into enemy traps, quickly change the direction of movement, pick up bonuses and perform deceptive maneuvers. Coins and crystals will be used to improve skills, buy new power-ups and customize the main character.