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Terraforming Mars
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  • 26-05-2022, 17:47
  • 1.4000.0.12025
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  • Android 5.0
  • Asmodee Digital
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Terraforming Mars - is a game that offers one corporation. One day, a transfer began, during which victory points were given for the victory. Soon the Solar System changed its infrastructure.

The player becomes the owner of a unique card with a project. There are about two hundred of them. Different ideas are presented on the maps. They give advice on how to grow plants, take care of animals, build cities to extract minerals. Enterprises that produce greenhouse gases to heat the atmosphere are also being created here.

With the help of cards, you can become the owner of a bonus. You always need a lot of resources. Many cards contain several requirements. The cards can be used after the oxygen level and temperature increase. Cards are served for a high price. There is a certain balance between the purchase of cards. To become the owner of one card, you need to have three microcredits.

Terraform Rating has an impact on the level of basic income. starting at twenty. It continues to increase after one global parameter increases. The amount of income is supplemented by products. Many natural sources will allow you to extract new resources.