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Layton: Curious Village in HD
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  • 26-05-2022, 16:21
  • 1.0.6
  • Adventure
  • Android 4.4
  • LEVEL-5 Inc.
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Layton: Curious Village in HD - is a game that is considered an adventure puzzle. It is suitable for the Nintendo DS. It was created by the company Level. She tells what adventures Hershel Layton and Luke Triton faced. This franchise contains six main games. Five of them have already been published.

The original game was released on the Nintendo DS. North America did it. Then it was February 10, 2008. She instantly managed to gain great popularity, Leighton fell in love with quite a few Gamers. The main character is called an English gentleman. He studies archaeology in the building of the University of the City of London. He needs to investigate mysteries, solve puzzles.

The original concept was inspired by Phoenix Wright. Experts have adopted several of the best characteristics. They also got rid of his shortcomings. Luke is considered the deuteragonist of the entire season. Professor Layton has a son named Triton. Luke continues to communicate with him. The central character is considered a reasonable young man.