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Ventusky: 3D Weather Maps
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  • 26-05-2022, 13:55
  • 19.0
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  • Android 4.4
  • InMeteo
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Ventusky: 3D Weather Maps - is an application for android. It contains an interactive map with the weather. It was developed by InMeteo specialists. Colorful animation gives you the opportunity to view meteorological indicators. They will use it to find out what the climate is in the region.

Users make a choice of height above the ground. This is necessary when it is necessary to find out information about the temperature of the surrounding air. Data is loaded in a different format. Supported version on android 4.4 and more. The application will display the current meteorological situation. You can find out statistics for the past days in the week.

Even an ordinary change in weather conditions can provoke a change in the plans of an individual or groups with people, without paying attention to the availability of the most advanced modern technologies. Now there is no way to do without hydrometeorological centers. They are able to immediately notify that the weather conditions have changed. After that, you can make adjustments to the existing short-term plans. During the issuance of summaries, most weather services prefer only dry figures. However, there is now a surprising exception.