Download Zombie Catchers (MOD money) 1.31.2 free on android

Zombie Catchers
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  • 13-12-2022, 16:13
  • 1.31.2
  • Action
  • Android 4.4
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It is not difficult to understand that the theme of the walking dead is very tired of gamers, but in a string of monotypic and very banal arcade games can be found and good copies, one of which will be a cartoon action adventure Zombie Catchers .

The game takes place in the distant future, there was a terrible snake Apocalypse, all the cities turned into ruins and filled with bloodthirsty undead, devouring all life on the way, from which there is simply no salvation. However, people have found a way out of this difficult situation-two intergalactic oligarchs who are going to open their own business on the planet Earth, instead of offering to eliminate all the walking threat-insatiable zombies that interfere with normal peaceful existence.

Download Zombie Catchers and help the earth population get rid of the eaters of human flesh. But the plans of intricate aliens does not include the destruction of carnivorous monsters, they simply want to catch them. But the hulking rotting creatures do not intend to give up so easily, so the aliens will have to deal with the placement of cunning traps designed to catch insatiable mutants.

Game Features:

  • Beautiful animation and a good study of the physics of many objects;
  • An incredible number of different traps for the protagonist;
  • Several effective devices for catching zombies;
  • Various robots to help work and find the meeting place of the living dead;
  • Funny hero nicknamed AJ.