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Plague Inc
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  • 12-02-2024, 08:55
  • 1.19.17
  • Simulation
  • Android 2.3
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Quite an interesting game application in which gamers will create a deadly virus that can put an end to the entire human race. In Plague Inc players will not be superheroes, saving humanity from all sorts of threats, but on the contrary, will be the real supervillains, whose main constant goal is to destroy all life on Earth.

To quickly implement its sinister plan you are given a large research laboratory, where you without any difficulties will be able to engage in the creation of all sorts of different contagious infection and powerful viruses that may help you clean the beautiful world of all mankind.

Initially in Plague Inc it is necessary to check the virus developed by you on the first experimental, if everything goes according to plan, then it is possible to release it on freedom. However, not everything is so easy, because scientists also do not sleep and can create antiviruses, so without a well-thought-out strategy you can not do.

Game Features:

  • Detailed game world created with the use of high technology;
  • Amazing graphics effects, designed on a modern game engine;
  • Auxiliary hints will contain a full package of information data with valuable answers.